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The Seawolf 26 is widely regarded as a stiff, fast and well built boat. Designed by David Feltham in 1978 and built by Seawolf Yachts Ltd. David originally designed the boat for himself as a racing yacht. They are available in a fin keel and bilge keel version, the bilge keel version is renowned for sailing just as ably as the fin keel version, very rare in any sailing boat.

The majority of them are fitted with a fractional IYE Black anodised masts and have proved relatively reliable. The Seawolf 26 is 26'08" (7.95m) LOA giving her a 20'5" (6.25m) LWL. Couple this with a beam of 9'52 (2.9m) a very flat bottom and a ballast of 2240lbs (1016kg), it makes for a very good sailing boat.

The interiors were available as yard finished or the boat could be delivered for home build, this make for an array of interiors and build quality that the buyer has to be aware of.

General remarks for this boat have been;

Yachts and Yachting November 1983
“The 26 felt pleasantly stiff for a boat of her size.”

Yachting Monthly July 1995
“Stiff, quick and predictable although heavy on the helm in some conditions, the Seawolf is a good seaboat.”

Rodger Witt 
“I took her out in a gusty Force 6 and was highly impressed with her stiffness, her easy going gait, and her ability to point. And remember, this was the twin keeled version.”

Practical Boat Owner October 1989
“In all, a very pleasant boat to sail.”
These boats have always been highly regarded in the sailing community and have been cruised extensively.

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